To change the world…

Oct 8th 2008
by ORyan

If you’ve been on the planet earth in the past few months then you know all about the US elections, and surely then you’ve also heard the “Message of Change” that every candidate seems to be supporting. yet all i hear is a lot of trash talk and accusations of incompetence.

it makes one wonder… What kind of “Change” are these people supporting, what does it really take to change the world, and why does it seem as though these “Presidential Hopefuls” have to be president to make that kind of change. The kind of change that’s beneficial to the world doesn’t need to be elected and given a title nor does it need to be debated, justified and then regulated. It just needs to be started, and stood behind in principle and action. Because real change is like a wild fire, it only takes a spark and before long anything and everything that comes in contact is ablaze, forever altering everything in its path.

But to change the world in such a way that people want the New and are willingly willing to live in a way that makes the New possible, requires an appeal to the heart that is so deep, so universal, and so moral that no person of good conscience can walk away from it. no human, no private crusade, and no cause that takes its origins in guilt or anger can ever provide that. and yet, so many people walk away from these great causes in good conscience. why? because despite the movement’s obvious merit in terms of the truth of the justice they promote, too often the energy driving their quest is not as morally compelling. in simple terms, the truth is right, but the energy often is not.

the school-yard bully pushes kids around to try and make friends. it doesn’t work. some countries drop bombs to try to bring peace. it doesn’t work. and many of us resort to ugly tactics in the name of creating something beautiful and right. it can never work. rhetoric is quickly forgotten. actions only rearrange the surface. but real change… now that comes from somewhere deep, a depth that many people aren’t even aware they are capable of. and truly positive change, now that, can only ever come from a depth of compassion, a depth of love, and understanding.

this is so challenging to me. i don’t want to be a person who does some good things; i want to be a good person. i am fully capable of hiding and justifying my brokenness behind the occasional good that comes out of it. but i don’t want to any more. i don’t want to be one of those shiny people who gets uglier the more you get to know them. it’s easy to fool crowds.

oh God, please redeem every part of me, inside and out. and help me to, as Gandhi said, “BE the change that i hope to see in the world.”

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  1. Deb says:

    I love this ORyan! And couldn’t agree more!! (I read Bimper Stickers first, and am still chuckling about it…yep, right again!)

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