Upcoming shows for 2010

  • Sat May 22nd – Bands TBA
  • Sat Sep 11 – Bands TBA
  • More to be announced

In a band and want to play at CATALYST? Send us an email:


    CATALYST is a venue that is dedicated to OUTREACH. We are interested in the youth of our city and the surrounding towns. For far too long there has been little to nothing to do around this area for people without I.D.

    Among many things CATALYST stands FIRMLY for righteousness. We pride ourselves on being a straight edge venue. "Straight edge" being that we want to promote a good message to our city and anyone who comes in through our doors. We refuse to promote: promiscuity, violence, drugs, alcohol, fear, hatred (in any form), anarchy, etc. We do our best to bring in acts that are on board for bringing a professional performance to the stage and overall just having a good time.

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