my hero

Oct 9th 2008
by ORyan

so this is a serious post… no joking around here. i found my new hero today. this guy is… well he is the man… i can’t even put into words how awesome this guy is… so i’ll let you see it for your self just to see how awesome he is…

bahaha i love this guy!

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4 Responses

  1. jesuschik27 says:

    omg! he is soooooo funny!!!

  2. Deb says:

    Oh my word!! PROOF!!

  3. Tyler says:

    i feel the need to reach out and help this guy, and by reach out and help i mean reach out and swat at whatever bees he’s trying to get away from lol, coming from a white guy who can dance, i feel its time for him to permanently pack up his dance floor

  4. ORyan says:

    No way i love this guy. if only for the sole fact that he had the guts to go make a fool of himself obviously knowing full well that he can not dance.

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