It’s Harvest Time Baby!

Oct 17th 2008
by ORyan

Ok so i realize this probably won’t mean anything to any of you guys at this moment, but i just simply can’t hold in my excitement at this particular point in time.

hmm.. where to start…

So earlier this week my brakes TOTALLY gave out and my car went barreling through my garage door as i attempted to park my car. ( i wasn’t going more than 2 mph, and yes i had my eyes open) My master cylinder just decided that this moment was the time to die. So with out any brakes at all, the only thing i could do is watch as i crunched my way through the door. i’m sure there were things i could have done to stop, but i wasn’t actually able to think of anything constructive at that time… But thankfully my car wasn’t damaged in any way that i can tell and the garage door isn’t going to cost too much to fix, and my car is being fixed by possibly the greatest mechanic in all of new england this weekend.

The only reason im writing about this is because this event sparked a series of other events that have made me realize and rethink a few things…(don’t worry that’s a good thing, i promise)

I went to a prayer meeting tonight at my good friend Pastor Joey Robert’s Church, The Dream Center. It was an awesome service and after,  Joey and i got to talking… and talking… and talking…and long story short….

Some BIG things are gunna be happening in the next few months with Catalyst, and i’m not gunna tell you what it is yet but i will say i haven’t been this excited in a very very long time.

So get ready… Cuz here it comes…

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