Funny Church Signs.. Ohh Yes!

May 8th 2009
by Laurie


WARNING: This is totally random.


Lately I have had this funny fascination with Google-ing funny church signs. It is amazing some of the stuff people feel compelled to put out there, but I actually love reading it. So why not dedicate a blog to it then?

Ok, so putting the entertaining part of it aside, these for-the-public signs actually send a message to people (hopefully done in a tasteful way of course). I’ve never been a huge lover of church signs that change with a different message every week, but I have come to appreciate the purpose behind (most of) them. Not only do passerbyers take notice of them, but more importantly, think about the people who drive to work the same route every day, who might possibly glance over at the sign to see whats on the “forecast” this week. And no, I am not referring to the weather, but rather what is being put out there for the world to see. A message of hope? Maybe. A funny phrase that causes people to think about it even if for 10 seconds? Awesome.

One of my favorite signs so far reads: “Whoever stole our mower… God will get you.” As simple as that is, I think that shows personality. God purposely and awesomely gave us all personalities with funny quirks and differences, which is a sweet part about being human. Yeah, its a bummer that someone felt the need to steal a church’s lawn mower, but at the same time, if that church can have a sense of humor about it and unashamedly post that on their sign, I think thats pretty darn funny. Who knows, someone may be inspired from that sign alone to poke around that church and see what exactly they’re all about. You may be thinking “are you serious? inspired because of one sign?” Yep! I’m totally serious. Never underestimate the power of words and the impact they can have on someone, whether serious or funny.

Lets see, another hilarious one: “Jesus is the rizzle for the sizzle,” or for those of you who may not quite get that, that’s kind of uh “gangsta” for “Jesus is the reason for the season,” a well known Christian saying at Christmas time. Now I don’t think any of us would argue the funniness AND validity of that one. As if that is not funny, He’s the rizzle for the sizzle… haha! Its true, and I think its awesome that a church put a funny spin on it, which again, shows a neat personality. Please understand, I’m not in any way trying to desensitize or lessen the honor to whom it is due (which is Christ!), but I think even Jesus would have a good laugh about that sign; its still honoring Him, just in a not-so-traditional way that many people may not be used to! Now in all honesty, I have seen a few signs of course that I’m not so crazy about, but as you and I both know, that is going to happen. But the purpose of this was to shed a little light on the funnier side of Christianity, even if it is just to mention some funny church signs. Part of living an even better quality of life can simply be by enjoying the simple things and experiencing laughter in many ways. After all, aren’t we supposed to be bubbling over with unspeakable joy?

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3 Responses

  1. Patrick says:


    This is Patrick! This was an awesome blog! I’m really impressed and I totally agree with you :) People say that actions speak louder than words but from reading this and thinking about, I may disagree :) Mehaaaaaa :)

    Thanks for this Laurie!


  2. Natalilly says:

    Great Blog Laurie! You are an excellent writer of words and a sign and a wonder all by yourself :o )
    Love ya!

  3. K8 says:

    Haha! There is a Thou Shalt Not Park Here sign close to friend from FL took a picture of it!

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