are you ready?

Dec 27th 2008
by Laurie

so i was just thinking about how quickly this year is coming to a close… holy crap! 2009 is just a few short days away…

the last 365 days (well just about) have been filled with many many things..many many many things actually, but its good..its all good. its been a fun year & i am looking forward to 2009 being some sweet 52 weeks. oo soo be excited for whats ahead!

there are going to be some pretty amazing events & things taking place in the coming months with Catalyst & in each one of our lives of course, so get ready! keep checking back ’cause we’ll be posting the upcoming shtuff!! soo happy ’09 peeps!

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  1. throbb33 says:

    I’m excited about 2009 too!!! Youth Group will just keep growing and becoming better and better!! :)

  2. serenna says:

    ik im so excited it is 2009

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